Freestyle Moves

 Not For Profit Fitness Class

Tuesdays at 6.30am

Rosalie Hall, 97 Fernberg Rd, Rosalie

What is freestyle moves?

Unlike your regular gym, Freestyle Moves fitness classes are local, not for profit and focus on a small group so is taylored to your fitness level and can be as challanging as you like which is unlike many exercise classes.

These classes will help you build strong bones, muscle definition and a good posture. Resistance and weight bearing exercise will improve your bone density and muscle mass. Classes are designed to be fun, social and varied. Whilst Freestyle Moves is predominantly aimed at women in their 50’s but anyone of any age and gender will benefit from the classes.

We all need to build strong healthy bones and muscles. Bones are constantly growing and healthy muscles go hand in hand with strong bones. By building muscle you actually burn more calories; winning the battle of the bulge, looking slimmer, getting healthier and increasing energy levels.

We owe to those we love and care for to be the best we can be if we have to take care of them.

About Alison

Alison has been teaching exercise since 2003 and holds qualifications as a personal trainer, an instructor in pilates, aqua, group fitness, kick boxing, nutrition and more.


News & Resources

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When? 6.30am Tuesday.

Where? Rosalie Hall, 97 Fernberg Road, Rosalie


Offers & Pricing Details


First class is FREE - try before you buy!


Casual classes are AU$15 each


10 x classes AU$140/concessions AU$130


20 x classes AU$240/concessions AU$220

The Workouts

Class content is varied but includes a cardio section of about 10/15 minutes aerobic dance to music (not highly choreographed) We sometimes use light hand weights (to music).

Routines are fun and varied and not full of endless repetitions. The programme also focuses on exercises taken from Pilates (Pilates Ring) and Yoga – both using a large ‘Swiss’ ball. There is even some boxing and occasional circuit training.


Using Swiss ball, hand weights and yoga mats etc


Rhythmic Dance Moves

Think Bollywood style!


Stretching using the principles of yoga and pilates.

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